UCN has vast experience helping nonprofits access security funding.

There are two basic security funding streams:

  • Federal funding under the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), funded through the US Department of Homeland Security and managed by state governments.

  • State funding provided through a state’s own Homeland Security department such as The NYS Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes (SCAHC) Program under the NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and The NJ Nonprofit Security Grant Pilot Program (NSGPP) under the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. This program is split in two, one for security personnel (NSGPP-SP) and one for target hardening equipment (NSGPP-THE). Some states, e.g. Ohio, have similar funding available while others are in the process of legislating funding for security programs. Check for details at your state’s security department’s website.

Last year alone, UCN successfully secured close to $2 million in security funding for numerous nonprofits in several states. UCN prides itself in completing every aspect of this competitive application process in a meticulous and seamless manner, providing nonprofits with the guidance and services needed to access vital security funding.

New this Year

NSGP – Applications for FY’19 were due May 8, 2019. Applicants, including schools, camps, synagogues, and community based organizations, competed for $60 million in available funding across the United States with individual grant requests capped at $100,000. For FY 2020 we anticipate that funding will increase significantly to $75 million or possibly as high as $90M. Program details for FY’20 have not yet been released and we will provide updates when available. It is important to note that the program application typically has few changes from year to year and it is therefore advisable to begin working on your FY’20 proposal.

NYS SCAHC – In a very exciting development to this program, NYS has recently passed legislation increasing funding for security against hate crimes to nonprofits including nonpublic schools, cultural museums, daycare centers, and expanding eligibility to summer camps. The SCAHC program had two previous rounds in which applicants competed for $25M in funding. Schools were able to apply for up to $50,000 each for 3 buildings (a maximum of $150,000 per organization). For FY’20 funding has increased by $20M. Limited information has been released regarding the expanded program and it is still unclear if there will be one or two application processes and/or if matching funds will be required. The anticipated date of release of the Securing Communities against Hate Crimes RFP (Request for Proposals) is late summer 2019, with a deadline in the early fall 2019.

The application processes for the NSGP and SCAHC funding are complex and highly competitive. Turnaround time between release of the RFP and the deadline is quick, often not giving enough time to adequately prepare a thorough application. Preparation for applying should begin well in advance of the next grant cycle. This is especially necessary if you have not applied before, as there are numerous steps involved before you can start filling out an application.

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