NSGP 2021 now CLOSED.

FGS is proud to announce a record NSGP 2021 season, in which we submitted more than double the number of applications as compared to 2020, and now in NINE states.

The background: Congress agreed to fund NSGP 2021 at an unprecedented $180 million in December 2020. The Federal NOFO was released on February 25, 2021. There were many changes this year, including increased funding per organization and more allowable equipment.

States began releasing their RFPs shortly after the NOFO was released. Each state’s requirements differed, including submission dates, attachments, how they accept applications, and more. FGS stayed on top of it all: writing; guiding the organizations we work with on assessments, equipment and budgeting; and submitting through various state portals.

Now, our security team is already hard at work on NSGP 2022, constantly learning and updating our resource base. What’s more, we’re already signing many organizations we turned away in 2021 because they reached out to us too late.

But first: New York State Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes

Like many states (ask us about yours!), New York State has its own security grant. In FY2019-20, there was $45 million allocated to this grant, and Governor Cuomo has continued to support this vital funding to secure at-risk organizations from being targeted in hate crimes. While COVID caused some delays, we expect the application to be released shortly.

Why FGS?

Our successes tell the story.

As expert grant writers and strategic consultants, you will rest assured that your application is highly competitive with state and federal reviewers. Since 2018 alone, we’ve helped nonprofits obtain nearly $6 million in much needed funding. Our 2020 achievements include submitting applications during the height of the pandemic in March. What else? Well, 90% of our submitted applications were awarded—including 100% of the organizations that applied for the first time.  

At FGS, we pride ourselves on completing every aspect of every application process in a meticulous and seamless manner, providing organizations just like yours with the guidance and services needed to access vital security funding.

Protect the people who count on you! Contact FGS today.

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