NSGP 2021 is here!

FGS has been helping nonprofits to secure their facilities with target hardening equipment (such as fencing, surveillance cameras, bullet proof doors, alarm systems, etc.) since the rollout of the Nonprofit Security Grant Program post 9/11.

Now, with increased terror across the nation, it is vital that you take the steps to protect the people you serve. And with imminently expected release of the NSGP 2021 timeline, your preparation should have begun yesterday.

NSGP 2021 Timeline

Congress agreed to fund NSGP 2021 at an unprecedented $180 million ($90 million in urban areas, and $90 million in NSGP-S funding) in December 2020. President Trump signed the bill into law on December 28, 2020.

The typical 60-day window from bill signing to the release of the Federal Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) brings us to on or about February 28, 2021. States are expected to release their call for applications within a week of that.

Security experts expect a 4-6 week window from NOFO to submission deadline, which brings us to mid-April 2021.

  1. Pesach begins on March 27, 2021.

Why FGS?

Our successes tell the story.

As expert grant writers and strategic consultants, you will rest assured that your application is competitive and will score high with State and Federal Reviewers. Since 2018 alone, we’ve helped nonprofits obtain nearly $6 million in much needed funding. Our 2020 achievements include submitting applications at 5x times our 2019 volume at the height of the pandemic in March. What else? Well, 90% of our applications were awarded, including every non-UASI application we submitted.

At FGS, we pride ourselves on completing every aspect of every application process in a meticulous and seamless manner, providing organizations just like yours with the guidance and services needed to access vital security funding.

Protect the people who count on you! Contact FGS today to be part of #security2021.

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