Rivkie Feiner is a dynamic leader with a talent for identifying winning ideas and making them happen. Harnessing her intuitive grasp of people and programs, Rivkie has had a transformative impact on FGS and has helped clients secure hundreds of millions of dollars from government and private funding sources.

Coming to FGS in 1994, Rivkie’s superb mastery of multiple functions rapidly propelled her to vice president and chief financial officer, positions she held from 2001-2013. In 2010, she became a partner in FGS, and in 2013 was appointed CEO.

In addition to her duties at FGS, Rivkie has served as program director of the Overseas Aid Consortium, Agudath Israel of America, from 1998 to 2001; a Fellow in the Community Connections Program of the New York Jewish Community Relations Council in 2014-15; and a tireless advocate for children’s safety, health, financial literacy and quality education. A powerful motivational speaker and workshop presenter, Rivkie has been a panelist in forums on government and foundation funding at the annual President’s Conference of Torah Umesorah – National Society of Hebrew Day Schools, the USAID conference in Washington, D.C., Agudath Israel’s lay leader conclaves and the Jewish Women’s Entrepreneur conference.

Rivkie and FGS have been the recipient of many prestigious honors and awards, including Honoree at the American Friends of Shaare Zedek Medical Center Women’s Division Luncheon; Avodas Hakodesh tribute from Yeshiva Darchei Noam; and the Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County Annual Dinner.

Executive Management

Estee is a master grant writer with expertise in program development, budgeting and reporting. At FGS since 2003, Estee Botnick has written and coordinated many successful grant applications, securing millions of dollars in federal, state, city and foundation funding for nonprofits. Her ability to interpret RFPs and regulations is superb, as is her understanding of program design, funding strategies, timetables and budgets.

Baila is a talented grant writer and capable project manager who has successfully spearheaded complex, multi-agency projects. She is FGS’s homeland security expert, with honed expertise in both homeland security and hate crime funding. Baila’s training as an MBA and her experience in education and youth work greatly enriched the proposals she works on. Baila has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Tova brings a broad range of organizational, technical and creative skills to her work. Supporting an organization that routinely deals with strict deadlines and high-profile international clients and funders requires a keen understanding of timeliness, discretion and respect for confidentiality, as well as meticulous attention to detail. Tova’s leadership and organizational abilities, combined with her graciousness, are critical components of FGS’s success. Tova has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a certificate in graphic design.

Our Team

Reuven Feiner provides administrative and technical support to FGS’s operation.

Miriam Dabbah has many years’ experience in office administration and technical support , including data management and organization of fresh web content. Miriam honed her skills in commercial lease abstraction and medical office administration which required meticulous attention to detail.  Her consummate professionalism, organizational skills, punctilious accuracy, overall efficiency and pleasant nature make Miriam a valuable member of FGS’ collaborative team.

Trany Steiner is the quiet backbone of FGS support services.  Utilizing her previous experience in management as well as her proficiency in software and online navigation, Trany applies her skills to both internal operations and client services.  Her expertise in tracking and compiling critical data, organizing files and preparing presentations continuously improves internal efficiencies.  Her talent in creating budgets and navigating online portals enhances the quality and look of our grant proposals.

Debby  brings many years of program design and proposal writing experience to UCN. For 33 years she served as the grant writer for the Board of Jewish Education, a major UJA-Federation of New York agency, where she helped secure funding for important education initiatives. A team player, Debby derives great satisfaction from writing compelling and well-crafted proposals. A graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, Debby has a master’s degree in community organization and social work from Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work, as well as a degree in  coaching.

Clear. Concise. Compelling. These are Adeena Lover’s three criteria for crafting proposals and responses to RFPs. Before joining the FGS team, Adeena spent a decade as a writer for an international educational publisher, using her passion for writing and editing to help boost literacy and critical thinking skills in millions of kids worldwide. Prior to that, she worked as a loan analyst in a commercial mortgage company, closing deals in excess of $50 million. Adeena has a BS from Excelsior College, and training as a Mesila financial coach.

Devora has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison University and a BA in Judaic Studies from Naaleh College. She also completed coursework in copyediting, copywriting and SEO. Devora’s wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with her expert writing, editing and technical skills, make her a valued member of the FGS team.

Shoshana brings a wealth of experience to her work with more than two decades as a CPA. Prior to FGS Shoshana was a Financial Controller for a non-profit organization and a Senior Accountant at KPMG International. Her training and professional experience in accounting give her a disciplined approach to proposal writing with meticulous attention to detail as well as proficiency in meeting deadlines. Her expertise in both English and Hebrew are a strong asset for our clients in Israel. Shoshana has a B.S. in Accounting from Touro College, is a Certified Payroll Accountant (Isr.), and is also trained as a parenting coach.

A natural storyteller, Chani enjoys grant writing because it allows her to blend her passion for words with her natural inclination to help others. Chani previously worked in copywriting and communications and graduated from CUNY Hunter College with a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing.

Combining concise writing with a passion to help businesses and nonprofits, Chava crafts strong proposals written with heart. Her experiences as a copywriter, technical writer and language arts teacher add depth and variety to FGS’s talent base. Chava earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Touro College and holds a grant writing certificate from the American Grant Writers’ Association.

Devorah Amsel is a talented grant writer with a quick grasp of issues, gifted expression, technological savvy and organizational skills.   Along with writing for FGS, she is pursuing a degree in Business Management with a focus on marketing.

As FGS’s resident researcher, as well as a gifted grant writer and editor, Aura has an intuitive understanding of what is required for a winning proposal. Aura enjoys researching opportunities for clients, and strategically designing proposals that will further the client’s mission. Prior to FGS, Aura served as an administrator for the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and worked as a computer programmer. Aura holds a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Queens College and pursued her interest in Near East Studies as a doctoral student at Brandeis University.

Chaya Sara brings a wealth of experience to her work, including more than a decade as a language arts teacher and training as an accountant.  Her combined understanding of the writing, editing and budgeting processes makes her a valuable addition to the FGS team.

Malky Caplan has performed many roles in her career: teacher, lecturer, math writer, and HTML webloading manager, responsible for posting content seen by millions each day. In everything she does, these traits stand out: efficiency, responsibility, accuracy.

Malky brings these skills to FGS to support the security team, assuming responsibility for tracking and compiling critical data, preparing presentations, and  loading applications onto sometime difficult-to-navigate online portals. Malky is an invaluable member of the security team.

Esther brings many creative talents and technical skills to her work at FGS. A gifted and experienced writer and editor, she also has extensive experience in publications, sales and marketing. Esther has a BA in liberal arts from Thomas Edison University and is a professionally trained photographer.

For the last two decades,  Malky Leifer has provided expert fiscal support to FGS’s operation, allowing FGS staff to engage in their core mission of expanding the financial resources of their clients.

Chaya’s research abilities, administrative know-how and organizational knowledge, together with her calm demeanor, make her a valued member of the FGS team. Chaya has an associate’s degree in business from Rockland Community College, as well as a teaching diploma from Machon Teacher’s Seminary.

Rivki uses her superb communication and organizational skills to ensure that projects at FGS are proceeding smoothly and according to schedule. Rivki’s education and experience as a licensed speech pathologist, former home school teacher and medical transcriber contribute to her keen understanding of service delivery and timely and accurate reporting. Her proficiency in both English and Hebrew are a strong asset for clients with branches in Israel.

Former Members

UCN Founder and President Ursula Lehmann grew a solo operation into an internationally recognized company that helps organizations worldwide access millions of dollars in aid. A brilliant visionary with a passion for championing worthy causes, Ursula came to grant writing via her involvement in academia and community development. Success as Director of Development of the Rockland Community Development Council prompted Ursula in 1993 to become an independent consultant and open her own grant-writing company. Under her able leadership, UCN grew and flourished.  Ursula retired in 2017 and is pursuing her many varied interests.